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Our Mission: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us the most to realize their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

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A 501 (C)(3) Non-profit


Grades K-6


This program educates young ladies in 5th & 6th grade on areas such as: Life Skills, Health, Beauty, & Body, Peer Pressure, Mentoring, and Self Esteem.  Run twice a month, this program brings together our young ladies to discuss topics and learn from each other in a caring environment that helps prepare them for new situations.

Project Learn

Educational homework program that reinforces academic goals for Club members, teaching them to be responsible students.  Project Learn is run Monday through Thursday and offers homework assistance with staff and volunteers.  Members can also read or do worksheets, as well as be helpful to their fellow Club members.  Project Learn has an incentive program where members can earn homework points and purchase prizes from the Project Learn store, teaching them that hard work pays off.  Project Learn also continues during our Summer Program, where  members complete assignments can prepare for the next school year.


Grades 7 - 12

Power Hour: Making Minutes Count

Educational Homework program to help young people develop academic, behavioral and social skills by completing their homework, high-yield learning activities, and tutoring.  This program is run in the Teen Center for one hour, creating an environment for members to get their work done in a quiet place where they can get assistance. 

Delinquency Prevention Programs

With lessons by Unity Home, this program creates a support team that enables young people who are displaying pre-delinquent behavior to thrive and become productive members of society.  

Round Table

With lessons by Pacific Clinics
Round Table is a program that allows all members of the Teen Center to come together and talk about any issue that concerns them.  It could be about life, drug prevention, relationships, peer pressure, college, home life, school life, and much more.  Teens are encouraged to contribute to discussions, helping them grow as people and learn through an interactive and supporting approach.

Career Launch

Career Launch helps our teen members explore a variety of careers by having a monthly Career Day, where people from the community come out and talk to them about their careers and the skills needed.  This program allowed our members to do GAP job training, where they were able to get hands-on experience.  Career Launch will help teens to make sound educational decisions about careers and prepare them for the world of work after graduation. 


Date SMART is a life skills program to allow Club members to examine their feelings about dating and relationships, as well as encourage teens to become community advocates for relationships based on equality and mutual respect.  

Triple Play

Triple Play is a program that embodies the Mind, Body, and Soul. By improving Club membersí knowledge of healthy habits, they can develop good nutrition and physical fitness, increase the number of hours per day they participate in physical activities, and strengthen their ability to interact positively with others and engage in healthy relationships.  

Volunteer Services

We offer a volunteer program to encourage good character in our teen members and an appreciation for citizenship by engaging them in year-round volunteer service activity to give back to the Club


SMART Girls is a program that helps members develop and adopt a healthy attitude and lifestyle, as well as acquire and maintain self-concept, sound decision-making skills and mentor relationships.
Membership Fee
$15 per month

Program Fee
$6 per day or $30 per week
*If members come after 3 PM, Program Fee is waived!

Summer Session