Importance of Cryptocurrency in Axie Infinity Video Games

Importance of Cryptocurrency in Axie Infinity Video Games

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency-based game that allows players to purchase Axies to breed them and trade them for profit.

Axie Infinity game is the most trending NFTs game built on Blockchain, and the game is taking over the internet; why? Because many people are playing the game and are earning big in cryptocurrency and exchanging it for real money. 

Axie Infinity was trading at $4.45 on June 15, and on July 15, the trading when so high to $28.61; what a growth! The developer built the game on the Ethereum Blockchain, and in recent times cryptocurrency has been the hit of the globe.

Axie Infinity took the NFTs gaming method away from the traditional gaming pattern, bringing cryptocurrency into the flow. Unlike the traditional game where the developer solely controls and manages all the characters and the game’s assets, in the Axie infinity game, the player will create their wallet and purchase Axies and breed them for battle. Meanwhile, the Axies are sellable at the Marketplace for the Axie Infinity. 

Also, the player can farm SLPs, trade for cryptocurrency, and exchange it for your currency.

There are so many opportunities to play the Axie Infinity game. there are so many benefits to the Axie Infinity game  Looking at the speed at which cryptocurrency is growing around in our days, you will agree with me that the Axie Infinity game is the right choice to consider when it comes to investment.

When a player earns in cryptocurrency and converts it to real money, that will be huge. Cryptocurrency has positively affected the rapid growth of the Axie Infinity Game. Axie Infinity game also opened people’s eyes to the wonders of cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate; this can discourage anyone from investing in the game; there is also a tendency for the cost to go high. When you earn your cryptocurrency reward and exchange it for real-world money, that will be huge. Cryptocurrency is the only designated currency spent in the Axie Infinity game from the earning process.

The totality of Axie Infinity is mainly to breed, raise and battle other pets called Axies. Only two unique cryptocurrencies are helpful in this Crypto-based game in the Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is an NFTS-based game, and the technology built for the system is a Blockchain that has given Infinity game a cutting edge over other video games.

Sky Marvis created the Infinity game mainly on the NFTs component, and without purchasing the Axies, you can’t play the game.  The beginner must firstly buy 3 Axies in other to raise and breed a team.

One of the tokens required in Axie Infinity is AXS or Axis Infinity Shard, and this token is the governance token in the world of the Axie Infinity game.

Axie Infinity made AXS token as the purchase fee of breeding Axies. Also, it gives the player a chance and right to vote regarding the game’s development later on. The player can also stake the coin to earn profit.  

Cryptocurrency has taken over the Axie Infinity game’s affairs, which has given the game a leeway over other video games. Axie Infinity’s primary aim is to bring fun to people through the avenue of Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency has become a quick way of getting richer. Though it has so many disadvantages, the chances to make a massive return on your investment are high. You can read about How Does Bitcoin Work? by visiting

The Cryptocurrencies in the Axie Infinity game  

Two major cryptocurrencies are recognized in the Axie Infinity game: AXS and SLP. We’ll discuss these two Cryptocurrencies and the reward player gets from them.

  • Axie Infinity Shard [AXS] is the primary token in the Axie Infinity NFTs game.

This coin is the governing token that permits the player in the Axie Infinity game to vote and determine the future of the games. Like any other currencies, e.g., Dogecoin and Bitcoin, AXS can be traded. 

Before a player can play and earn, he must firstly breed new Axies, which will cost him the two cryptocurrencies. 

The amount of AXS and SLP needed for breeding new Axie is contingent on the breeding count of the parent Axies. Let’s check the other cryptocurrency. Click here to read about A platform war breeding amongst NFT games.

  • Smooth Love Potion [SLP]

The ERC-20 token is the reward from Axie Infinity. This token is a cryptocurrency that the player can buy and sell at the crypto exchange market. This token is the primary income for the players in Axie Infinity games.

The player must complete the daily mission and battle with an opponent in the Arena or Adventure mode to earn this token. The supply of SLPs is limitless because every player must get them. Player uses SLP to breed their new Axies and then sell them. Once breeding is complete, the token will burn this token entirely. Tokens will be given to the player as a reward when the player gets to a new level in the game and wins battles. 

In Axie Infinity, players may decide to sum up the SLPs token and exchange it for real money like other cryptocurrencies.  The player may choose to breed more Axies, requiring more SLP tokens. Binance crypto exchange is an excellent place to purchase more SLPs. Anyone who fights and defeats some unique monster at some level will get some SLPs.   

There is a decentralized exchange platform where you can trade your SLPs like other cryptocurrencies, and that place is called Katana. Players can claim their SLPs every 14 days. In Axie Infinity, there is a limit to the amount of SLPs you can get. These tokens are also a cryptocurrency, and the player can convert the token like other Crypto for real-world money. 

Whatever is happening to the cryptocurrency market at the exchange time will also tell your transaction. If the price goes up, you will earn big, and if it goes down, it will affect you as well.


 I want you to know that there are many benefits enshrined in the Axie Infinity NFTs game beyond playing the game. I hope I’ve passed this vital information to you and helped you understand how it works.